Govee Outdoor String Lights: Enhancing Your Outdoor Ambiance

The backyard is where we spend most of our leisure time with family, friends, and pets. It is essential to have outdoor string lights if you want to make your backyard glow and create your desired ambiance for your patio or gazebo. Outdoor lighting is one of the most effective ways to improve the look of your outdoor space and turn it into a comfortable and cozy place.

Govee Outdoor Lights can meet your various demands for outdoor entertainment with a fun space for your lighting. They can easily decorate your patio and gazebo, light up a party or wedding, and bring more possibilities for party decor. They are not only suitable for creating an exciting atmosphere on holidays, but they are also perfect for relaxing after a long day. 

Different lighting colors can make your outdoor space more relaxing and welcoming, adding ambiance to your outdoor activities and making it more enjoyable for everyone. Govee Outdoor Bulb String Lights can operate via the app, where you can select the scene mode and music mode you want. The lighting will sync with the music being played in any music mode, allowing the lights to dance to the beats of the music. 

You can also DIY the color effects in Govee Home App and set the light bulbs individually to any color you want. Govee's unique RGBIC technology allows the bulb string lights to display more than just one color. It can present different color effects on the same string light.

  • RGBIC Technology: With the IC chip, it is possible to simultaneously display the segmented rainbow colors on the entire string light. 

What We Recommend

If you only need a warm lighting atmosphere for relaxing, you can choose the entry-level version of the outdoor string lights:

If you often hold various events and parties in the courtyard, you might like the following products with more scene modes:

Have you ever considered surprising your family or friends with outdoor lights without using a remote control or a phone? Govee can help! Multiple Govee Outdoor Bulb String Lights support voice control to free your hands!

Govee Outdoor String Lights are weatherproof and durable for your safety while meeting your decorative lighting needs. Safety is important when picking an outdoor string light. Sometimes, we might encounter bad weather conditions, including heavy winds, rain, and snow. Therefore, it's better to choose an outdoor string light that is weatherproof and durable. The parameters generally involved are waterproof, fall-proof, wind-proof, and snow-proof.

Parameters Comparison:

Choose the most suitable product for you based on your needs.
Model H7020 H7021 H7041 H7042 H7015 H7016 H7002 H7012 H7013


Warm White


Warm White


Warm White


Warm White


Warm White


Warm White


Warm White

Warm White Warm White
Length 48FT 96FT 50FT 100FT 48FT 96FT 48FT 48FT 96FT
Number of Bulbs 15 30 25 50 15 30 15 15 30
Connection Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
Waterproof Rating IP 65 IP 65 IP 65 IP 65 IP 65 IP 65 IP 65 IP 65 IP 65
Lumen 50lm/pcs 50lm/pcs 30lm/pcs 30lm/pcs 50lm/pcs 50lm/pcs 50lm/pcs 70lm/pcs 70lm/pcs
Color Temperature 2700K 2700K 2200K 2200K 2700K 2700K 2700K 2700K 2700K
Scene Mode 40 40 40 40 8 8 8 6 6
Music Mode 4 4 4 4 1 1 1 0 0
Dimmable Function
Control Methods Wi-Fi & Bluetooth + Alexa Wi-Fi & Bluetooth + Alexa Wi-Fi & Bluetooth + Alexa Wi-Fi & Bluetooth + Alexa App(Bluetooth) App(Bluetooth) Bluetooth & Remote Wi-Fi & Bluetooth + Alexa Wi-Fi & Bluetooth + Alexa
Timing Function

(The adapter is not waterproof.)

Suggestions for Use:

All Govee Outdoor Bulb String Lights are IP65-rated, but the adapters are not waterproof. For your safety when using the bulb string lights outdoors, it is recommended to purchase an additional waterproof adapter case.

  • Note: There may be cases where the adapter's waterproof effect is still not satisfactory after using the waterproof adapter case.
      How To Install LED Lights Behind TV?

      Upgrade your TV with colorful LED backlights and immerse yourself in your favorite series or game!

      Backlighting Your TV with LED Lights

      What better way to switch things up than with a little mood-lighting? You could be in a movie theater, then an Esports arena, and then an aquarium. Your furniture might not change, but with a little creativity your lighting, visuals, and sounds can create a truly immersive environment.

      Start your day off with cold tones of blue that gradually transition to orange and yellow. Choose the setting for your living room: is it a gaming room, a home theatre, an office…? Pick a setting and jump into that atmosphere.


      What is a TV Backlight?

      TV Backlights refer to LED light strips installed behind a TV or computer monitor. They provide control over the lighting in a room, changing colors and atmospheres. These responsive TV backlighting LED light strips are thin, flexible strips dotted with small LED lights throughout.

      Several brands offer responsive LED TV backlighting DIY projects that can be set up in an afternoon. They simplify the process by providing a box set that includes light strips, a controller, and a power supply. Thus, the difficult part of choosing the correct individual components is over before you begin.

      For TV backlighting, some adapters are USB compatible so they can plug directly into your TV’s USB ports (if applicable).


      Why Would You Backlight a TV?

      It’s easy to list out the benefits of backlighting your TV. For starters, ambient lighting looks great. It allows you to play with the feel you want for your room.

      Imagine you’re watching your favorite team play in the finals. The TV’s bright screen shines across the room. The announcer shouts in excitement. The light from your screen bounces off your lucky shirt and adds a glisten to your eyes. As the players get into position for the final play, the team’s colors glow fiercely from behind your TV.

      Alternatively, if sports aren’t your thing, then bring that same passion into something you do enjoy. Watching a horror movie, for example. You could get lights that react to sound and watch the movie surrounded by a sea of red that breathes with the music.

      Or, you could move in a completely different direction and throw yourself into a game! Switch on your PC or console and start playing. Fiddle with the lights until the room feels like you’re “in the game” and enjoy.

      Building an atmosphere matters. Your experience can either be average or you can raise the bar on how you choose to appreciate your time watching movies and playing your favorite games.

      Fight Off Eye-Strain

      We already know colorful hues that magically glow from behind your TV help build a livelier atmosphere. However, that’s not all they do! Ambient lighting can prevent eye-strain by increasing the average light in a room.

      Jason Fitzpatrick explains, in a “How-to-Geek” article, that our eyes adjust to the average amount of light in a room. When our eyes focus on a bright screen in a dark room it can strain them. Eye strain leads to eye dryness, eye fatigue, headaches, and just an overall feeling of discomfort.

      Ambient lighting, or bias lighting as Fitzpatrick refers to it, doesn’t just help you lose less snacks between the couch cushions. It adds a brightness to the entire room that makes it easier on your eyes.

      How Does TV Backlighting Work?

      Backlighting spruces up your TV and gaming setup by adding new life to it! With only a basic understanding of how these lights work, you can transform any area in your home.

      *For a more in-depth description, see our “How to Install LED Lights?” guide.

      LED Light Strip Fundamentals You Should Know: There Are Different Types of LED Light Strips:

      There are single-colored LED light strips and multicolored LED light strips. As their names imply: one supports a single color while others can change between an entire spectrum of colors.

      Different lights have different quantities of copper connector/soldering pads. They range from having two copper pads, a positive (+) and a negative (-), to having five copper pads, a positive (+) and four negatives (-) RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, and White).

      Dimmable and multicolored lights will need a controller, to adjust their settings, and a power supply/adapter that converts a house’s AC electricity into DC so as not to damage the lights.


      Installing Your LED TV Backlights

      Setting up your LED lights is pretty straightforward. Your LED light kit should already provide you with an adapter and controller. Just remember to measure the area before purchasing to figure out what length you’ll need beforehand, then buy and install them.

      Here we’ve laid out the general steps you’ll follow to get the job done:

      Before Purchasing:

      1. Measure the total surface length the lights will cover. Behind your TV, start by measuring out a rectangle that reaches all four corners. Factor in additional slack for corner loops and to reach the power supply. You’ll either connect directly to an electrical outlet with an AC/DC adapter or take advantage of one of your TV’s USB ports (if available).

      After Purchasing:

      1. Test the lights:Plug them in; check that everything works as it should. Once you’re certain they work well, you can unplug them for safe installation.
      1. Make sure the length is sufficient:Extend and hold the light strip over the area it’ll cover to ensure it is the correct length.
      1. Clean your “sticking area:With a dampened cloth and a bit of cleaning alcohol, wipe the area down to remove dust particles. Ensure it dries completely before continuing.
      1. Peel and stick: Peel back a portion of the 3M adhesive tape behind the strip. Set the strip in place and gently press down to secure it. Press down firmly but carefully to prevent damaging the strip itself or one of the LED’s.
      1. Make loops to turn the corners:Avoid bending or twisting the light strips. Instead, loop the strip loosely and ensure either end of the loop is firmly adhered into place. You could use additional 3M adhesive clips, if necessary.

      1. Repeat: Continue the same process until all lights are in their desired position.
      1. Plug them in and switch them on:Just like that, you can start testing out different light settings and playing with your environment.

      Which TV Backlight Type is Best?

      As you finish reading through this guide, it’s only natural you’ll begin to imagine all the different atmospheres you’ll create throughout your day. Now, if you’ve measured your “sticking area,” the only question left is, “which are the best TV LED backlights?”

      A very good question, indeed.

      Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer that works for everyone because each person has different needs. The kind of lights you want, your TV’s size, the available power connection points, the length you want to cover, etc. are all factors that will influence your purchase decision.

      There are many brands that have their own LED light kits, like the Samsung TV Backlights and Philips Hue TV Backlights. These generally offer high quality products at equally high prices.

      Other brands focus on providing their customers with the same high quality while keeping competitive prices. Govee products, for instance, provide responsive and smart LED TV lighting kits. These lights use RGBIC and ColorSense technology to recognize the colors on the TV screen and instantly apply them to the backlights!

      With these LED lights you can create awesome-looking gaming rooms and theater-like movie nights. Govee also provides their own app, filled with lighting presets. Once installed, you can pick and choose the setting you want from your phone. You can even pair the lights with Alexa or Google and just say what setting you want!

      A Note on Fixing LED Light Strips

      Twisting, bending, or any rough handling of the lights could potentially damage them. Make sure the lights you buy come with a guarantee. A quality product should come with a warranty and customer service team that can help you work through any issues.

      Make those Movie and Game Nights Better!

      You’re officially ready! You’ve learned the basics and are now prepared to install those strips of tiny bright game-changers. Once they’re installed and you’ve spent the necessary amount of time staring at them, start playing with the color settings.

      When you get a feel for the spectrum of colors you have at your disposal, start imagining which lights you’ll use for each event: movie nights, house parties, games, spa days, working, reading, etc. Improve all of them with a little change in lighting!

      How do I Install LED Strip Lights?

      Looking to add life to your home with color changing LED strip lights? All you need is the lights and knowing how to install them!

      Installing LED Light Strips at Home

      LED strip lights are a fantastic way to add life to your home. You can transform white walls and dark corners into colorful glowing hues of sunset orange or fluorescent blue. You can set up a relaxing atmosphere for reading or create your own nightclub feel for a house party.

      Having LED lights set up around the house allows you to play with your environment however you’d like. You can have your own flexible LED strip lights, like the famous LED light strips from TikTok, in your own home! What’s even better is that setting up these custom LED strip lights by yourself is quite easy to do!

      Choosing the Right Lights

      As you choose the lights you want for your home, there are a few factors you want to keep in mind. Make sure to find a quality product that meets your needs. Start by choosing where the lights will go, then answer some basic questions:

      What is the length of the total area I want to cover? Is it indoor or outdoor? Is there an electrical outlet I can easily plug the lights into? Will 3M tape be enough to hold the strips or should I prepare to do some drilling? Do I want one color or the whole spectrum? Do I want to buy the individual parts or a product that’s ready-to-use? Do I want the lights to work with my Alexa or Google devices? Do I want a company that has their own app so the lights are even easier to use?

      How to Set Up LED Strip Lights?

      Once you find the right product that meets all of your needs, it’s time to get started! To begin, you’ll need the LED light strip, a power supply, a controller, and some LED wires or solderless connectors. Some companies provide an LED strip light kit that comes with everything ready to go. If you plan on doing it all yourself there are some details you’ll need to know before making any purchases, we’ll discuss these below.

      Power Supply

      The power supply connects directly to the outlets in your home and converts the high AC voltage, likely 110V or higher, to a smaller DC current of 12V or 24V, depending on your lights.

      Generally, 12V light strips will work for up to 16.4ft (5m) while 24V light strips can run up to 32.8ft (10m) in length. You don’t want to connect more light strip segments to a single power source. Doing so could cause the lights at the end to become weaker or even get damaged due to Voltage Drop and Electric Power Overload.

      Voltage Drop and Electric Power Overload

      Voltage Drop occurs as the power goes through the strip and lights each individual LED light. As the power goes through each light it decreases slightly. If you have a 12V strip and go beyond the 16.4ft (5m), brightness in each new light decreases. Not only does the lack of power become visible to the naked eye, it could ultimately damage the strip itself.

      Electric Current Overload occurs in a similar fashion. Even with current controlled light strips, where the energy is distributed evenly, once the strip goes beyond its capability, the demand for energy builds until resistive heating eventually damages the lights.

      If you want to install a longer series of lights, you need to install additional electricity feed points. This can be done quite simply. You can either purchase several strips and plug them in at different sockets or install additional energy feeds at points where you’ve cut the strip, like the corners.

      RGBIC Strip Light Remote Controller

      LED Controller

      The controller adjusts brightness and color settings for your lights. The specific controller you buy will depend on the kind of lights you have. Single color lights will just need a basic on-off controller, if at all. Meanwhile, RGB and RGBW lights will need a different controller altogether to adjust both the intensity and different color modes.

      If you choose to purchase your own parts, just make sure the controller can handle the power demand of the strips you’re connecting. To calculate this simply check the specifications of the product. It should tell you the voltage of the strip and wattage per meter (3.28ft). Calculate the total amount of wattage of all your strips and get a controller that has a capacity of 15-20% higher than the highest demand you’ll require.

      For example, say you buy 24V strips and each meter (3.28 feet) requires 18 watts. If you want to install the lights in a room with four walls, each about 15ft (~4.5m), you’ll need to prepare for 60ft (~18m). At 18w/m (~5.5w/ft), that’s 324 watts. To calculate the current in amperage (A), simply divide the total watts by the voltage. 324w divided by 24V gives us a current of 13.5A, then simply raise each total by 20% to avoid buying a controller that will be used to its maximum capacity. Ideally you should only ever require 80% of its maximum.

      Now you know you need to purchase a power supply and controller that can handle 24V, 400w, and a current of 16A. Knowing these three will make it easy to find what you need. Also, ensure you get a controller that matches the type of lights you have. A controller used for single color lights will be different from one for RGB or RGBW lights.

      LED Wires and Solderless Connectors

      Once you have the power supply and controller sorted, you just need wires or solderless connectors to join the strips. LED wires require a little soldering but are a good way to connect your LED strips. However, if you can use solderless connectors it’ll make it even easier. See the How to Connect LED Strip Lights Together section below for more information on how to use these.

      How to Connect LED Strip Lights to Power Supply?

      Connecting the strip lights to the power supply is a fairly simple procedure. If you are using single color LED strips and don't need a controller then just connect the positive + and negative - ends of your light strip to the corresponding poles on the adapter. Do not mix these up as this will damage your lights.

      Then, simply plug the male connector of the power supply into the female connector of the adapter. Now you can plug the power supply into the wall outlet to start using the lights.

      If you are using lights that require a controller, then connect the adapter to the corresponding positive + and negative - poles of the controller instead. Then connect the positive + and negative - color ends on the other side of the controller to each of the corresponding ends on the LED strip light.

      How to Cut LED Light Strips?

      Question: Can You Cut LED Strip Lights?

      It depends. Some LED light strip kits come with everything ready-to-use. Cutting these, especially if these are RGBIC lights with integrated chips for controlling your lights, could damage them beyond repair AND void your warranty! Check the specifications on the product you’ve purchased before making any modifications (and then double-check just to make certain!)

      If you wish to cut your own lights and piece them together then make sure you buy all your individual components with the correct specifications.

      In the event that you do decide to opt for cuttable lights, here’s what you need to know:

      As you’re laying down your LED light strip, you’ll arrive at natural stopping points. These could appear when you’re going around corners in a room or want to end a segment of lights. Cutting these strips can be really easy, all you need is a pair of scissors.

      Find the cutting lines along the strip. These have copper pads that run along it. Copper pads work as connection points between strips. Cut right down the middle of the copper pads so you have the same amount of copper pad on either side of the cut.

      The number of pads will depend on the strip. For single color strip lights, you’ll see two electrical polarity marks + (positive) and - (negative). For adjustable strip lights (like RGB and RGBW) the marks are usually a positive mark + and color marks. The color marks are negative polarities and labeled by their color: B (Blue), R (Red), G (Green), and W (White).

      Note: Before cutting your light strips be sure to read the instructions of the product you purchased. Some brands provide ready-to-use lights that shouldn’t be cut at all.

      How to Connect LED Strip Lights Together?

      Depending on your light strips, you’ll either need to solder them or clip them together with solderless connectors.

      If you’re soldering them then simply make sure the LED wires are all soldered to the corresponding pads on each strip. Positive + to positive + pads and negative - to negative - pads, whether that’s a single negative - pad or several color pads.

      If you’re using solderless clips then make sure you buy clips with the same number of pads as the strip lights. Whether that’s two, three, four, or five pads, make sure the connector has the same number.

      Then, simply loosen the lock pad on the connector; peel off a small section of the 3M double sided tape behind the strip; insert the light strip into the connector making sure the pads line up with their corresponding conductor pins; and close the lock pad to secure the strip in place.

      Repeat the process on the other side with the other light strip segment. Double-check to ensure all poles are aligned with their corresponding partners. Mixing up the poles and attaching them to the wrong polarity could damage your light strips. Also, if you are using commercial outdoor LED light strips then make sure you get the corresponding connectors for them.

      How to Hang LED Strip Lights on a Wall or Ceiling?

      Depending on the placement of the lights, there are two possible ways of mounting these. You can either use 3M double-sided tape or mounting brackets, for which you’ll need a drill. The tape will suffice if it’s on a flat surface.

      For irregular surfaces or mounting on walls or ceilings the brackets are preferable. For the “peel and stick” method with the 3M tape, make sure to prepare the surface by clearing it of any dust before sticking. Then peel back the tape one or two feet at a time and carefully place down the strip. Peeling in small segments allows less room for error.

      Don’t apply too much pressure to the lights when sticking them down to avoid damaging the lights. Only press down on the intervals between the lights.

      For the brackets, prepare for drilling by measuring and marking where you want the holes to go. Then drill the holes, position the brackets, and place the strip in place. Brackets will hold the strip firmly and is preferable for outdoor areas, as poor weather conditions could rip the strips away from their glue.

      Once you’ve mounted your lights, just plug the power supply into the electrical outlet and start playing with your new LED strip lights!


      Foreword on Installing LED Strip Lights

      Having read through this guide, you should now have an understanding of how to install the lights and how their individual components work. It’s not the easiest process but once you’re informed it isn’t quite as daunting, either.

      As you browse through the different brands and products available on the market, make sure you’re taking into account your individual needs. The type of lights you want, the length you’ll need, and the specifications of the products you’ll need to make it happen.

      If you’d like an easy-to-install option, consider brands like Govee. Govee has been “Making Life Smarter” since November 2017. They create cutting-edge LED lights and smart home devices with a customer-obsessed mindset. Committed to unparalleled R&D, they are a leader in the strip light industry.

      Govee provides easy LED strip light kits that come with their power supply, controller, and lights in a single package, ready for you to install them. They offer smart LED light strips that can pair up with your smart home devices and that even come with an easy-to-use app filled with presets! So, you can change your environment with the press of a button and even sync the lights to the beat of the music you’re listening to!

      Purchasing all the components and setting up your own lights can be a challenge worth pursuing. For anyone that isn’t looking to take an arduous odyssey to buy and get their lights set up, however, Govee is a fantastic option.

      New: Transform Gaming Area and Party Venues with RGBIC Strip Lights

      Advancements in technology over the past century have provided effective solutions like tinted windows and automated blinds that offer you control over the intensity of light that enters into your living space. Unfortunately, choosing the color that surrounds us has always been elusive. From Edison’s bulb to fluorescent, analog LEDs, and now digital LEDs, the search for the most effective solutions to take control of lighting has spanned for centuries.

      Govee’s RGBIC Strip Lights

      Recently, we released one of the most advanced strip lights in the market known as RGBIC Strip Light. RGBIC, a trademark registered by Govee, features a leading-edge IC (Independent Control) chip that enables the display of multiple colors on one strip simultaneously. We implanted this highly advanced IC chip in an in-house designed and developed LED strip light to provide users unparalleled control over the color and brightness of light in their gaming areas and party venues. It is ideal for transforming and setting the perfect mood for gaming or party. RGBIC Strip Light can also be used for DIY color lighting and decorations, such as kitchen ambiance, Christmas tree, and picture framing.

      At Govee, we are excited to exploit our expertise in LED strip light technology and cutting-edge built-in IC chip to help gamers and party hosts to take control and fulfill all their lighting needs and desires. One of the most important components is IC chips, which implemented directly into the flexible circuit board along the length of the LED strip at specific intervals to create segments that can be activated and controlled independently. RGBIC Strip Light is powered by connecting directly to a socket within the home using a specially designed 240 V adapter. Users can regulate the color and brightness to customize their experience using three control options; Govee Home App, Control Box, or Remote RF Control. We specifically designed the app with a color scale to make it easier for users to customize the colors and brightness more effectively and set the desired mood, sophistication, ambiance, and aesthetics instantly. The Remote and Control Box was designed intuitively to be user-friendly for enhanced usability and deliver the best experience.

      Product Features

      Ø The Strip: RGBIC strip (H6143) is white, 16.4 ft. (5 meters) in length, and is mounted with the most important lighting components like LEDs, in-built IC chip, and ultra-sensitive mic.


      Ø In-Built IC Chip: The IC (Independent Control) chip enables the mixing of three basic colors, red, green, and blue, using LEDs to emit colors across the spectrum just like a rainbow. The cutting-edge IC (Independent Control) chip we implemented in our strip lights is what differentiates RGBIC Strip Light with other RGB products. The chip enables simultaneous display of multiple colors on the same line, which is superior compared to the single color displayed by RGB strips.

      Ø Ultra-Bright LEDs: RGBIC strip lights use ultra-bright 5050 LEDs and produce much more vibrant multi-colors.

      Ø Microphone: RGBIC strips are designed with built-in high sensitive mic, which enables the vibrant light emitted by LEDs to sync to ambient music beats or any other sound. Users can pick from 4 Music Modes; Energetic, Rhythm, Rolling, and Spectrum. With these modes, users can set the desired party mood instantly.

      Ø Govee Home App: The app is designed to offer users control over different segments along the strip via Bluetooth. For color selection, users can slide their fingers on a color scale to choose the desired color instantly. Gove Home App can also be used to regulate the brightness of light emitted in each segment to attain the perfect ambiance. Users can also set a timer on the app for the lights to turn on as an alarm that wakes them up gently with vibrant colors.  

      Ø Control Box: We designed a user-friendly control box to offer users an easy and effective way to power on and off or to regulate the colors and brightness emitted by each segment to their liking. The control box has three perfectly positioned buttons for Power, Segment control, and Brightness control. 

      Ø Bluetooth: RGBIC Strip Light is Bluetooth enabled. Users can use Govee Home App in their smartphone to control colors and brightness from anywhere in the home within the range.

      Ø Remote: The remote control provids substantial distance to operate RGBIC Strip Light within the home.

      Ø Power Adapter: The adapter is designed with a plug-in to transmit the working voltage of AC 100 - 240V and power output of 12V directly into the strip.

      RGBIC Strip Light is designed to be used indoors, and it is not waterproof. Also, it can work perfectly in a wide temperature range from -5℃ to 40℃ (23℉ to 104℉).

      How to Transform Gaming Area and Party Venues using RGBIC Strip Light

      Unlike other RGB products that require a 3-step installation, users can set up RGBIC Strip Light quickly in two simple steps. The Control Box is connected to one end, and the power adapter is connected to the other end, and the strip is ready for use. For transforming the gaming area, RGBIC Strip Light is installed onto the TV cabinet or behind the TV to backlight the wall on the background and enhance the gaming experience. It is a great way to create the desired gaming mood quickly. RGBIC Strip Lights are highly flexible and can be easily installed on the cabinet or the backside of TVs without the risk of damage or interference. For party décor, RGBIC Strip Lights are extremely versatile and can be installed easily anywhere within the room designated as the venue of the party to define the theme, style, and mood of the party. They can also be used to make lighting fixtures to highlight certain areas or wrapped them around objects to create an aesthetic piece of lighting. For enhanced party experience, the user can synchronize RGBIC strip with the music using Govee Home App to pick from the four modes and set the party mood to either energetic, rhythm, rolling, or spectrum.

       At Govee, we believe in providing people with the tools they need to live happy and fulfilling lives. We transform living spaces with RGBIC lighting technology by engineering the visions of gamers and party hosts into innovative solutions. Apart from setting the perfect mood for gaming and parties, we are driven with the passion to provide solutions that enable everyone to exploit the benefits of living in a vibrant and colorful using LED technology. Whether it is for gaming, party, picture-framing, kitchen lighting, Christmas tree, or overall home décor, you can always rely on RGBIC Strip Lights. Visit Govee RGBIC LED string lights to take control of all your lighting needs.

      Product Review - Spotlight on Govee RGBIC App-Controlled Dimmable Led Strip Lights

      At Govee, we offer a superior range of products that add energy to your day and we are on a mission to spread the word about our innovative dimmable led strip lights. They are unlike any other you’ll find on the market and offer features that you might not expect. This is thanks to our trademarked Independent Control Chip (IC) and our dimmable led strip lights offer functionality unlike anything else available. 

      The IC allows multiple colors to be displayed on each section of the striplight tape simultaneously, with everything easily controlled via the Govee Home App. What’s more, they’re exclusive to us, so you simply won’t find them anywhere else. 

      In this blog, we take a much closer look at different aspects of Govee RGBIC LED Strip Light, so that you know exactly what it is that makes them such a good purchase for the home. So, without further ado, let’s get started and see just how feature-packed our dimmable led strip lights are. 

      Precise Control                                                                                                                                       

       The main thing that sets Govee RGBIC lights apart from other available options like standard rgb led strip lights is how quickly, easily and comprehensively controlled they are. This is thanks in part to the Gove Home App, which allows the user to select specific colors (from the 16 million available), as well as to change a variety of other settings via either WiFi or Bluetooth.

       Voice control is also possible when linking the lights to either Alexa or Google Assistant, meaning that you can have your hands completely free when you’re throwing a party! Standard rgb led strip lights have none of this functionality and can only display a single colour at any one time, so it’s difficult to even put them in the same category as each other.

      However, the hero of Govee RGBIC LED Strip Light is the trademarked Independent Control Chip which allows central control of all functions via the smartphone app. This exclusive component is the reason why elements like the Color Wheel and Music Mode are possible and why other dimmable led strip lights just can’t compete.


      One of the aforementioned functions that RGBIC LED Strip Light offer is one that relates to home security. Keeping burglars out of your home is that much more likely if you’re there and lighting goes a long way to creating that impression when you’re not.

       Using the app, you can set specific times for your dimmable led strip lights to turn on and off, making it seem like there are people inside. Of course, there are other technologies available that provide this function, however, they don’t tend to be able to offer stunning home lighting as well! 

      Music Mode

       Now we come to one of the most fun functions that RGBIC LED Strip Light offer. Music mode is a function that makes the lights illuminate and ‘dance’ in time with whatever music is being played. What’s more, you don’t just get one color flashing in time with the music, as a disco-like effect is made possible thanks again to the IC chip controlling each segment of the striplight independently.

       It’s also possible to refine Music Mode in accordance with the type of music you’re listening to. If it’s a banging party that’s upbeat and lively, then you’ll want to select Dynamic Mode or if it’s a more civilized or sedate get-together you’ll be better off choosing the Mild Mode setting.

       This functionality turns ordinary dimmable led strip lights into something that also doubles as disco lighting and it will take your social gatherings to the next level. All this and it uses a minimum of power due to the eco-friendly LED bulbs inside.

       Ambient Lighting

       Another fantastic feature of Govee RGBIC LED Strip Light is the way that ambient lighting can be quickly and simply created to suit whatever it is you’re doing. Inside each set of lights, you’ll find premium bright 5050 LED lights, which means that you’ll get powerful illumination precisely when and where it’s needed.

       They’ve also been created using IP65 waterproof material that allows the dimmable led strip lights to be used outdoors to illuminate a garden party or a set of outdoor steps. So, if you’re planning a Halloween event at your home or you’re just relaxing after a long day at work, you have all you need to create the perfect ambience either indoors or out.

       Owners of Govee dimmable led strip lights are also able to enjoy a variety of settings to accompany the mood, such as Snowflake and Energetic. Candlelight can also be a great setting to use when planning a romantic night with your partner, as it provides an ambience that usually requires a whole box of candles to achieve.


      Easy Installation                                                                                                                     

       There’s nothing worse than buying some tech that looks cool initially, but you later find out that you need a degree in electronics to install it. With Govee dimmable led strip lights, you’ll have no such problems, as they really are a cinch to put together and install.

       Inside each pack of lights, you’ll find an ‘All In One’ kit, complete with a UL-approved power adapter, 5 support clips, genuine 3M tape and, of course, the lights themselves. All you need to do to put them up is to stick them directly onto the appropriate clean, dry surface and you’re good to go!

       If you have any issues with your Govee dimmable led strip lights, you’re not on your own. That’s because at Govee, we provide support either through our FAQs section on our website or via email. You can talk to our support team by messaging us at


       When you look at all of the features we’ve spoken about here, it’s obvious that Govee RGBIC LED Strip Light are not like any others available on the market and they’re certainly a cut above the standard RGB variety. The IC chip that only Govee offers makes all of this possible, so if you want all this functionality instead of very limited ‘on/off’ features, it can only be Govee. Visit Govee RGBIC LED string lights here.

       If you’d like to know more about what we do at Govee and the technological innovations we offer for home security and home lighting, head over to our website and take a look around. There are many other types of striplight available online, but only ours offers a wealth of additional features beyond those you’d expect.

      We appreciate you taking the time out to read our blog. We hope that it has illustrated what the new minimum standard is when searching for high-quality striplighting. When looking for LED striplighting online for yourself, don’t expect anything less.

       We’ll be back soon with more tips, guidance and advice from the home of illumination innovation.

       Until then, stay safe!

      RGBIC LED Strip Lights --- How They Can Be Used to Enhance the Style of Your Home

      In recent years, LED lighting has made illuminating your home easier and cheaper to maintain than ever before, with RGBIC LED strip lights from Govee pushing the technological envelope even further. The great thing about strip lights is that they can be installed pretty much anywhere they’re needed with the minimum of fuss and stress.


      In this blog, we take a look at a number of ways in which RGBIC LED strip lights - which have the exclusive trademarked Govee Independent Control (IC) chip inside - can be used to enhance the style of your home. Lighting can have a profound effect on how your home looks and the Govee Home App makes controlling and manipulating the colors of your lighting and much more, super-easy.


      So, let’s look at some of the areas of the home that can be easily transformed using Govee RGBIC LED strip lights.


      Highlighting Artwork


      If you’d like any artwork or family portraits in your home to really stand out, LED strip lights can really make them ‘POP!’ and grab the eye. Traditional forms of illumination can’t be used for this because of the heat they emit, which isn’t a problem that eco-friendly LED bulbs suffer from. The same effect can be produced when looking to accentuate other family heirlooms or trophies that you’d like to display.


      Adding Some Pzaz to Your Staircase


      Next we look at how strip lights can be employed to add both style and functionality to your home’s staircase. Able to be programmed to emit multiple colors simultaneously or a single, continuous colour, Govee RBIC strip lights can add modern style to your stairs whilst also making it easier to make your way safely down them when it’s dark! Simply attach them along the side of the steps or bannister for best results.


      Lightening Dark Corners


      Another way that strip lights can be used to enhance the style of your home is by providing illumination to areas that would normally be shrouded in shadow and darkness. By affixing RGBIC lights under furniture like your bed or your living room sofa, you can really change how your home looks - even making it look as if you’ve had an expensive lighting solution created.


      Adding Some Fun to Bunk Beds


      Govee strip lights are very popular, especially when it comes to children and they’ll certainly be thanking you for installing them in their bedroom! When attached to bunk beds, rgb led strip lights that can be set to a variety of different settings, Music Mode and Snowflake add an extra dimension to playtime. They can even be set to a relaxing combination of colors when it’s time for bed.


      Kitchen Recess Style


      The kitchen is a part of the home that has a lot of negative space and it’s something that can be counteracted with RGBIC LED strip lights. Plain white lighting can make your kitchen feel bigger, but that’s not all, as if you want a new look for your kitchen, you can achieve it simply by changing the colour settings via the Govee Home App. How else could you change your kitchen’s decor with a few taps of a smartphone screen?


      Create Your Own Spa Sanctuary


      Another room that can benefit from the illumination provided by Govee strip lights is the bathroom. It’s possible to turn your standard bathroom experience into something altogether more welcoming and peaceful with highly-controllable RGBIC LED strip lights.


      Whether you’d like to simply add a little style to your bathroom mirror or you want to go all the way and create a spa-like atmosphere, Govee lights allow you to do it all and the great thing is that once they’re installed, you’ll only ever need to access the app to adjust them. Be careful though, because once you’re in the bath, you might not want to ever get out again!


      Enhance Your Wardrobe


      The inside of your wardrobe is another part of the home that’s usually producing lots of shadow, but that doesn’t have to be the case with some strip lights in place. Whether talking about walk-in wardrobes, closets or even cupboards, you’ll be able to see what’s inside much more clearly, so no more missing an outfit or a pair of trousers because you didn’t see them in the dark.


      Liven Up the Living Room


      Now we look at one of the areas of the house that Govee RGBIC striplights are most effective in - the living room. As well as enhancing your lounge by providing illumination to the darker areas - as mentioned earlier - strip lights offer highly-adjustable style to your the overall feel of the room, depending on the required mood.


      For example, RGBIC LED strip lights allow you to choose from 16 million different colour hues and from a range of presets, so whatever ambience it is you’re trying to create, it will only take a few seconds to achieve. There’s even a Movie setting to make film night even more enjoyable.


      You’ve also got settings like Candlelight or Romantic which are perfect for nights in with your partner or Music Mode which adds an extra dimension to listening to your music collection. The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to Govee RGBIC striplights and their versatility and precise controllability make them the ideal addition to any modern home.


      Want Some Exclusive Strip Lights Yourself?


      It really is worth mentioning that RGBIC striplights are 100% exclusive to Govee, so you just won’t find the same kind of strip light experience anywhere else. Standard RGB lights do a little of what we’ve talked about, sure, but it’s the trademarked Independent Control (IC) chip that makes all the difference.


      Our striplights can be controlled centrally via our Home App and each of the 15 separate sections can be controlled separately, with a different color able to be chosen for each segment. Choose any other brand and you’ll get a much-watered-down home illumination experience because of it - so it pays to come to the home of illumination innovation for your striplights! Visit Govee RGBIC LED string lights here.


      If what you’ve read here has made you want a set of RGBIC striplights for yourself, you can get some by visiting us online at, where you’ll also find our full range of illumination, thermometer and home security solutions for your home and car. Purchasing is super easy and our website is full of useful information about our products if you need to find out more.


      Should any questions about our products be raised whilst browsing through our website, you can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions on our support page. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.


      Thanks for reading. We’ll see you again next time.

      Govee RGBIC Striplights - Taking RGB Home Illumination to the Next Level

      RGB (a.k.a. Red/Green/Blue) LED lighting is a great, eco-friendly way to provide low-cost home illumination that suits your mood. However, we’re here to talk to you about the next step in the evolution of RGB lighting and it comes in the form of Govee Trademarked RGBIC striplights that offer the same convenient, home lighting, but with an array of new smart features.


      At Govee, we have taken RGB LED strip lighting technology and added a number of app-controlled smart features that turn conventional RGB strip lights into something so much more intuitive and versatile. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all of the additional features you get when you invest in a set of Govee RGBIC strip lights.


      Additional Feature #1 - The Independent Control Chip (IC)


      As effective as standard RGB strip lights are, the function they offer is very limited. Sure, they can be set to your color of preference, however, they can only display one colour at a time. Govee RGBIC strip lights on the other hand contain an IC or Independent Control Chip that allows multiple colors to be displayed simultaneously.


      This IC makes Govee RGBIC lights so much versatile, allowing you to create the precise color combination required using the Govee Smartphone app.


      Additional Feature #2 - The Segmented Control Function


      Unlike traditional RGB striplights which are typically one complete unit, Govee RGBIC striplights are divided up into 15 separe segments. Each segment can be controlled centrally, with each one able to create a different color of illumination at the same time.


      This means that you have fine control over each part of your striplight, making it suitable for a range of additional purposes, such as party lighting. Many are surprised by just how many uses Govee RGBIC striplights have because of this segmented control function.


      Additional Feature #3 - Music Mode


      Another great thing about our RGBIC striplights is something called ‘Music Mode’. This is a feature also shared by standard RGB striplights that causes illumination to synchronise in time with whatever music you’re playing at the time. This is a fantastic feature for home discos or for simply enhancing your enjoyment of music in your bedroom or living room.


      So, how is this an extra feature then?” we hear you say, well, we’re glad you asked. Music Mode on Govee RGBIC striplights comes with some groovy new additional modes. ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Mild’ modes are settings that are suited to whatever the type of ambient music that’s playing. Dynamic mode is for strong and lively music, whereas mild is ideal for soft music. These extra functions allow our RGBIC striplights to more accurately respresent the mood you’re trying to does additional feature #4!


      Additional Feature #4 - Lighting Effects


      Another great additional feature you’ll get when investing in Govee RGBIC striplights is a range of lighting effects. As well as features like Music Mode, you get to select from a number of preset lighting effects that include Movie, Chasing, Crossing, Romantic, Candlelight, Energetic, Snowflake, Breathe and more.


      Thanks to the Govee app, selecting each mode is a quick and easy process, usually involving just a couple of taps on your smartphone’s screen. So, whatever mood or effect you’re going for in your home, your intended illumination is only ever a few moments away.


      Additional Feature #5 - The Govee Home App


      We’ve left perhaps the biggest difference between RGB and RGBIC strip lights to last and that’s because we’re talking about the Govee Home App. This is the interface that you’ll use to centrally adjust all of your RGBIC lighting functions and it puts full control of everything in one easy to access location.


      Download the App for Free!


      Once you’ve purchased your Govee strip lights, you’ll be pleased to know that using them and all of their exciting functions won’t cost you a cent. That’s because the app mentioned above is completely free and available for both iPhones and Android smartphone handsets.


      All that’s required is for you to visit either the Apple Store or Google Play Store, enter ‘Govee Home’ into the search box and download the official Govee Home app when it appears. The best place to do this is at home via your home’s WiFi connection, as this way, downloading the app will not cost you anything in terms of data charges.


      Complete Control of Your Striplights


      When we say our app provides you with complete control of your striplights, we mean it. Once open, the app provides an easy to use color wheel that allows you to select from as many as 16 million hues and tones. There are even 50,000 different shades of white to choose from, so whether you want to set the lighting for a rowdy get-together or a romantic night in, you can choose precisely the grade of color you’re looking for.


      Voice & Remote Controls


      If everything we've spoken wasn't enough already, the Govee Home app also allows you to control your lights using your voice via Alexa, as well as to set up your striplights to turn on and off at preset times. The remote capabilities of the app mean that you can operate your lights even when you're not at home, meaning that RGBIC lights can actually be used to improve your property's security when you're not there.


      So, Where Can I Find Out More About Govee RGBIC Strip Lights?


      As we’ve discovered during this article, Govee RGBIC strip lights represent an evolution in home LED lighting, offering unprecedented choice of function and all at a cost that won’t break the bank. They’re such a versatile and stunning addition to any home, which is why they’re proving so popular with our customers.


      The good news is that getting some RGBIC strip lights for yourself is super-easy. All you need to do is go to our website and take a look around. You’ll find a choice of different lengths of RGBIC strip lights, as well as our full selection of home and car lighting products. Remember, you won’t find these lights anywhere else, as they are a trademarked Govee product!


      If you have any questions about our lighting products, you can visit our FAQ page where you can usually find the answers you’re looking for. Alternatively, email us at if you have a question that doesn’t appear there and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


      We appreciate that you took the time out to read our blog. We hope that it has shown just how feature-packed and intuitive this innovative new lighting technology provides.

      Product Review: RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights

      Color plays a critical role in influencing our wellbeing mentally. For instance, you will feel automatically more relaxed when you get into your room that is engulfed in cooling green light after a long frustrating day out in the sun. This is the reason why high-end restaurants, cocktail lounges, and sushi bars are bathed in cool and relaxing colors like ocean blue or sunset-orange. The moment a customer gets into these premises, they will stay for longer and spend more just because they don't want to go back out into the scorching sun. One of the latest introduction to the evolution of LED lighting technology is RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights developed by Govee, one of the most trusted and reliable in-home lighting solutions.


      What is RGBIC?

      RGBIC, the latest light displaying technology of Govee, features a leading-edge IC (Independent Control) chip, which makes multiple colors showing on one strip light simultaneously. By combining Govee’s cutting-edge IC chip, ultra-bright LED strip, and Govee Home App, the company successfully delivered the most advanced solution for ambient lighting. Govee’s obsession with perfection is evident in every aspect of RGBIC strip lights. From built- IC chip to controls, ultra-bright LEDs, and power output, every component is impeccably designed to offer unparalleled performance as well as user-friendly control. Even though Govee released RGBIC Strip Lights very recently, there is a growing interest in this product, particularly for enhancing the experience of social activities and events like gaming and parties. So, why do so many guys under thirty love RGBIC Strip Lights? To answer this question, we took a deep dive into RGBIC Strip Lights for an in-depth review just for you.


      RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights Review

      First and foremost, how do you conduct a meaningful product review? By assessing the most important features and functionalities that enable a specific niche to address their needs and desires more effectively. Based on this definition, we focus on how specific functionalities of RGBIC Strip Lights will help you as a gamer or party host to transform your space or room and set the perfect party or gaming mood.


      As a gamer or a party host, the most important requirement that you need from LED strip lights is the ability to transform your gaming area or party venue using vibrant light. RGBIC strip lights accomplish this mission perfectly because it emits the widest variety of vibrant colors, just like a rainbow. You have the choice to set the perfect mood instantly by selecting the most appropriate color using a color chart in the Govee Home App. RGBIC strips can display multiple colors simultaneously on the same line. This is a major advantage over RGB products that only display a single color in one strip.   


      The second most important thing you need from your strip light is the highest quality of light to transform your space with a lively and joyful atmosphere. RGBIC strips are designed with ultra-bright 5050 LEDs that emit the brightest, quality of light. It can produce both warm hues like vivid crimson red and cool hues, such as ocean blue and cool green. You can use warm hues to give your party venue a warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere, which will enhance your guests’ experience. On the other hand, cool hues can effectively transform your gaming area into a chilled and relaxed hangout spot that entices your friends to game for longer.


      The third thing you need is the ability to control your strip lights easily and effectively without interfering with your gaming or party. As a gamer, anything that requires you to leave in the middle of an interesting game or match is an unwanted interference. When it comes to controls, strip lights that offer you more control options will always allow you to address issues with the brightness and color right from your seat. With RGBIC strip lights, you have three user-friendly and effective control options that enable you to customize the color and brightness easily and effectively. You can download Govee Home App and transform your smartphone into an effective tool to customize the colors and brightness without leaving your seat or the game for a second. RGBIC strips are segmented to allow you to control and customize the color and brightness of light emitted by LEDs in different segments along the strip independently. Additionally, you can use RGBIC’s intuitive control box or remote to customize the vibrant colors emitted to your liking.


      As a party host, you need a strip light that syncs perfectly with the music to enhance the experience of your guests. Most RGB products are only sensitive to upbeat music with strong beats, which means that they can lose the rhythm if you play that mellow tune you love so much. On the other hand, RGBIC Strip Lights are designed with ultra-sensitive mic that enables its vibrant colors and light to sync with any type of music. Also, the Govee Home App offers four music modes for party hosts like you to select either energetic, rhythm, rolling, or spectrum mode and set the perfect mode for your party or get-together instantly. This is why party hosts love RGBIC Strip Lights and prefer it over the ordinary RGB lights.

      The worst thing you can do to your friends is for them to miss a portion of the game they came over to watch just because you spent too much time setting up your light strips. Most probably, they will leave to watch the game somewhere else. With RGBIC strip lights, you can install and set it up in two simple steps and set the perfect, vibrant atmosphere before the game starts. The quick and easy setup procedure offered by RGBIC also comes in handy if you need to throw a surprise party quickly. One of the factors that contribute to RGBIC's easy installation procedure is the flexibility of the strip. It is renowned for being highly flexible, making it easy for you to attach your light strip around curved surfaces, corners, or grooves for effective lighting and transformation.


      Other factors that have made RGBIC Strip Lights popularly for gamers and party hosts alike is the fact that it emits insignificant static energy and infrared emissions that can interfere with your TV, sound system, and the quality of music. We all know that screeching sounds in the middle of a perfect tune can turn a good experience into the worst. This unfavorable situation can be avoided by insisting on RGBIC strips. Even though it is not waterproof, this disadvantage is insignificant since you will not be holding your party or watching the outside in the rain. Additionally, RGBIC Strip Lights are energy efficient with a power output of only 12 V 2A, non-toxic, and made from highly durable materials.


      Conclusion: Based on all the requirements fulfilled couple with the advantages makes RGBIC Strip Lights one of the most cost-effective strip lights in the market. It is highly suitable for transforming gaming areas and party venues. To get the strips, you need to transform your gaming area or party venue and set the perfect mood, visit Govee RGBIC LED strip lights.

      RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights Buyer’s Guide

      The RGBIC strip light is a trademark registered by Govee and features a leading-edge IC (Independent Control) chip that enables the display of multiple colors on one strip light simultaneously. It was designed to transform your living space with a vibrant light that reflects the mood or adds aesthetic and sophistication. Whether you seek to transform your room for gaming, party, or a date, RGBIC strip lights can help you set the desired mood instantly. Also, you can use RGBIC strip lights to create a warm and cozy feeling in your room or the entire house. Regardless of the mood, ambiance, sophistication, or aesthetics that you are seeking, RGBIC strip lights were designed to cater to your lighting needs.


      What do you get when you Purchase RGBIC Strip Lights?

      We’ve all experienced the frustration of purchasing an average product only to be shocked to find that you are required to purchase some of the core components for functionality separately. You can avoid this frustration by insisting on RGBIC strip lights. So, what do you get inside the box? For starters, you get a roll of RGBIC (H6143) strip that is 16.4 ft. (5 meters) long. It is white, beautifully designed, and wrapped securely in a circular anti-static roll package to protect the LEDs and the IC chip from damage. The length is ideal for lighting your gaming area, in-house party venue, or any other room. Also, the strip is segmented, making it suitable for DIY decorations like Christmas tree.

      A user-friendly control box is also included in the package to offer you an easy and effective way to customize the colors emitted to your liking. The control box is designed intuitively with three simple and perfectly positioned ON/OFF, SEGMENT CONTROL, and BRIGHTNESS buttons. The package also includes an energy-efficient L-shaped power adapter made from strong and non-toxic material to guarantee durability. The adapter is attached to a perfectly long extension cable and a jack-pin to be connected to the strip. Govee designed RGBIC strip lights with remote control functionality to offer you a more flexible control option for regulating the color and brightness of each segment.   


      How to Setup RGBIC Strip Lights

      One of the biggest advantages of choosing RGBIC strips over the others is the ease in installation. Unlike other light strips, Govee designed RGBIC with only two connection points, which in turn reduced the steps during setup to two. After unpacking the box, you just connect the adapter to the appropriate end and the control box on the other end. In the second step, you remove the seal on the adhesive tape and stick your strip onto the surface you seek to illuminate then connect simply insert the adapter to the socket and power on the strip. With these two simple steps, you can enjoy the transformation of your room by vibrant lighting.


      What Makes RGBIC Strip Lights Unique from the Rest?

      It is undeniable that there are so many RGB strip lights in the market. So, what makes RGBIC strip lights different from the others?


      • Advanced Built-in IC Chip: The main difference between RGBIC strip light and the ordinary RGB products is the cutting-edge built-in IC (Independent Control) chip designed by Govee and implemented in RGBIC strips. This technologically advanced chip enables RGBIC strip lights to display multiple colors on the same line compared to RGB strips that only display a single color on a line.


      • Ultra-Bright LEDs: When it comes to creating vibrant colors, the best strip uses the brightest LEDs in the market. RGBIC strip lights use ultra-bright 5050 LEDs and produce a much more vibrant multi-colors compared to the ordinarily bright LEDs used in RGB strips.


      • Segmented Control: One of the biggest benefits of the built-in IC chip implemented in RGBIC strip lights is the unrivaled level of control it provides to you as the user. These advanced IC chips are implemented on the strip at specific intervals to create segments and offer you control over the LEDs in each segment. With this control, you can create the perfect color to address your needs as well as the brightness for every segment. On the other hand, RGB products allow you to control the entire strip only from end to end.


      • Music Mode: We all love to accompany our music with some vibrant colors to enhance the experience. Even though RGB strips can respond to music, they are only sensitive for strong and hard-beating music. In comparison, RGBIC strips are designed impeccably with ultra-sensitive mic that enables the strip to sync with any type of music regardless of the tempo and beats. Most importantly, Govee Home App offers four music modes; Energetic, Rhythm, Rolling, and Spectrum. After downloading the app from the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices), open and tap the "+" icon in the top right corner and follow on-screen instructions to add the strip. Using the app, you can set the gaming or party mode you desire instantly.


      • Lighting Effect: The fact that light is consumed visually means that additional animations are required to enhance effectiveness and experience. RGBIC strip lights are designed with more animated lighting effects compared to the basic effects used in RGB products.


      These five core elements make RGBIC strip lights superior to RGB products by a wide margin. 


      Where and how do you use RGBIC Strip Lights?

      RGBIC strips were designed to help gamers to set the perfect gaming mood. When your friends come over to watch a game or play video games, you can use RGBIC Strip Light to transform the gaming area to enhance the experience. The best thing about RGBIC strips is that you don’t need a professional to install them. Once you remove the seal, stick your strip behind the TV or the cabinet or table where the TV is placed. The strip should be placed with the LEDs facing away from the TV to the wall or the space behind the TV with vibrant colors. By customizing the color emitted by the strip, you can set a perfect mood for you and the boys to watch or play. Govee Home App allows you to set the color and brightness comfortably from your seat. If you are watching the game, you don't have to miss the score only because you were busy changing the colors and brightness on the other side of the room.    


      The fact that lighting is an important component of any party or event makes this strip light a much-have. If you’re throwing a party, you can also use RGBIC strip lights to transform the room designated as the venue of your party. RGBIC's ultra-sensitive mic allows syncing the music and lights to create an atmosphere very similar to a club or dancing floor. Using the Govee Home App, you can choose the perfect for the party by selecting either energetic, rhythm, rolling, or spectrum mode. Govee Home App allows you to be as creative as you want with your party lights. The rhythm mode has been upgraded to two sub-modes, Dynamic and Mild. The dynamic option is suitable if you are hosting a rock and roll night party. On the other hand, you can use the mild option when playing soft and mellow music on the piano or sound system for your guests. The vibrant colors emitted in sync with the music will define the mood and theme of your party perfectly.


      Apart from gaming and partying, RGBIC Strip Lights can be used as a wakeup alarm by setting a timer on the app for the strip to turn on in the morning and wake you up with vibrant colors and a smile. When confronted with a dull orange glow, your eyelids will get heavy and begin to doze off. You can set your RGBIC to emit a dull orange glow for bedtime and gently lull you to sleep. If you are always late to class, you can use the app to set a reminder for the strip to change to danger red and alert you when it is time to leave for class. You can also use RGBIC strips for DIY decorations.


      For a highly advanced experience, sophistication, aesthetics, ambiance, and vibrant colors, insist on RGBIC strip lights. Refuse to be Average! Visit Govee RGBIC LED strip lights.

      Govee Wifi Smart Outdoor LED String Light review

      REVIEW – This is my second opportunity to review a Govee product, with my most recent review being their smart LED strip lighting that I used behind my TV. This time, I’m getting to show off the Wifi Smart Outdoor LED String Lights! As much as a fan as I was about the strip lighting, I will say it upfront that I really love these string lights!


      What is it?

      These are a 15 bulbs, remote controlled, LED string light that is rated for outdoor use.

      What’s in the box?

      • String Lights
      • Remote Control
      • Instruction Book & Govee brochure


      Design and features


      These lights are on a 24′ long string with 15 total bulbs. There is a standard electrical plug. Each bulb can be controlled individually, selected lights can be controlled together or all lights can be controlled at once via the Govee app – which was easy to set up this additional unit into my existing setup of lights from Govee. While it can be controlled via the app, the unit also comes with a remote control that comes in very handy. Since these are multi-color LED’s you can adjust the lights to any tone or color that you choose that best fits your situation or preference. Additionally, since it is rated for outdoor use, they can be kept up year-round as well.




      Simply remove from the box, plugin and string them up as you desire. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the app to get it completely set up for Wifi use.



      These lights put off a surprising intensity of light for their size and space between each bulb. They illuminate our back patio well, although I will be buying a second strand to connect to it in order to get the rest of the way around our railing. We use these nightly when we let our dogs out for the evening and they provide enough light that we can see them wherever they are at in the back yard as well as on evenings that we are out eating dinner or enjoying some wine. The remote and app make them easy to turn on/off as well as make any color adjustments that we would like. Finally, there is a setting that will allow the lights to “dance” to music that is being played so if you like that sort of thing while having a party, these lights are perfect for you!

      What I like


      • Bright illuminating bulbs – that are still adjustable to lower brightness levels as needed.
      • Easy install and set-up
      • Can daisy-chain these together with additional units (up to 4 total) to accommodate larger areas.


        Final thoughts


        Overall, I’m two thumbs on these lights, Govee is really doing a great job on these lights and I really like the ease of changing the colors, brightness and various modes/scenes that are pre-programmed in the smartphone app. And as I stated above, we will definitely be adding a second string to get it completely around the patio. For those looking for a quality outdoor LED lighting solution, I’d definitely recommend picking up a string or two or three of these lights! View Govee RGBW Bluetooth Bulb String Lights

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