Product Review: RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights

May 13, 2020
Product Review: RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights | Govee

Color plays a critical role in influencing our wellbeing mentally. For instance, you will feel automatically more relaxed when you get into your room that is engulfed in cooling green light after a long frustrating day out in the sun. This is the reason why high-end restaurants, cocktail lounges, and sushi bars are bathed in cool and relaxing colors like ocean blue or sunset-orange. The moment a customer gets into these premises, they will stay for longer and spend more just because they don't want to go back out into the scorching sun. One of the latest introduction to the evolution of LED lighting technology is RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights developed by Govee, one of the most trusted and reliable in-home lighting solutions.


What is RGBIC?

RGBIC, the latest light displaying technology of Govee, features a leading-edge IC (Independent Control) chip, which makes multiple colors showing on one strip light simultaneously. By combining Govee’s cutting-edge IC chip, ultra-bright LED strip, and Govee Home App, the company successfully delivered the most advanced solution for ambient lighting. Govee’s obsession with perfection is evident in every aspect of RGBIC strip lights. From built- IC chip to controls, ultra-bright LEDs, and power output, every component is impeccably designed to offer unparalleled performance as well as user-friendly control. Even though Govee released RGBIC Strip Lights very recently, there is a growing interest in this product, particularly for enhancing the experience of social activities and events like gaming and parties. So, why do so many guys under thirty love RGBIC Strip Lights? To answer this question, we took a deep dive into RGBIC Strip Lights for an in-depth review just for you.


RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights Review

First and foremost, how do you conduct a meaningful product review? By assessing the most important features and functionalities that enable a specific niche to address their needs and desires more effectively. Based on this definition, we focus on how specific functionalities of RGBIC Strip Lights will help you as a gamer or party host to transform your space or room and set the perfect party or gaming mood.


As a gamer or a party host, the most important requirement that you need from LED strip lights is the ability to transform your gaming area or party venue using vibrant light. RGBIC strip lights accomplish this mission perfectly because it emits the widest variety of vibrant colors, just like a rainbow. You have the choice to set the perfect mood instantly by selecting the most appropriate color using a color chart in the Govee Home App. RGBIC strips can display multiple colors simultaneously on the same line. This is a major advantage over RGB products that only display a single color in one strip.   


The second most important thing you need from your strip light is the highest quality of light to transform your space with a lively and joyful atmosphere. RGBIC strips are designed with ultra-bright 5050 LEDs that emit the brightest, quality of light. It can produce both warm hues like vivid crimson red and cool hues, such as ocean blue and cool green. You can use warm hues to give your party venue a warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere, which will enhance your guests’ experience. On the other hand, cool hues can effectively transform your gaming area into a chilled and relaxed hangout spot that entices your friends to game for longer.


The third thing you need is the ability to control your strip lights easily and effectively without interfering with your gaming or party. As a gamer, anything that requires you to leave in the middle of an interesting game or match is an unwanted interference. When it comes to controls, strip lights that offer you more control options will always allow you to address issues with the brightness and color right from your seat. With RGBIC strip lights, you have three user-friendly and effective control options that enable you to customize the color and brightness easily and effectively. You can download Govee Home App and transform your smartphone into an effective tool to customize the colors and brightness without leaving your seat or the game for a second. RGBIC strips are segmented to allow you to control and customize the color and brightness of light emitted by LEDs in different segments along the strip independently. Additionally, you can use RGBIC’s intuitive control box or remote to customize the vibrant colors emitted to your liking.


As a party host, you need a strip light that syncs perfectly with the music to enhance the experience of your guests. Most RGB products are only sensitive to upbeat music with strong beats, which means that they can lose the rhythm if you play that mellow tune you love so much. On the other hand, RGBIC Strip Lights are designed with ultra-sensitive mic that enables its vibrant colors and light to sync with any type of music. Also, the Govee Home App offers four music modes for party hosts like you to select either energetic, rhythm, rolling, or spectrum mode and set the perfect mode for your party or get-together instantly. This is why party hosts love RGBIC Strip Lights and prefer it over the ordinary RGB lights.

The worst thing you can do to your friends is for them to miss a portion of the game they came over to watch just because you spent too much time setting up your light strips. Most probably, they will leave to watch the game somewhere else. With RGBIC strip lights, you can install and set it up in two simple steps and set the perfect, vibrant atmosphere before the game starts. The quick and easy setup procedure offered by RGBIC also comes in handy if you need to throw a surprise party quickly. One of the factors that contribute to RGBIC's easy installation procedure is the flexibility of the strip. It is renowned for being highly flexible, making it easy for you to attach your light strip around curved surfaces, corners, or grooves for effective lighting and transformation.


Other factors that have made RGBIC Strip Lights popularly for gamers and party hosts alike is the fact that it emits insignificant static energy and infrared emissions that can interfere with your TV, sound system, and the quality of music. We all know that screeching sounds in the middle of a perfect tune can turn a good experience into the worst. This unfavorable situation can be avoided by insisting on RGBIC strips. Even though it is not waterproof, this disadvantage is insignificant since you will not be holding your party or watching the outside in the rain. Additionally, RGBIC Strip Lights are energy efficient with a power output of only 12 V 2A, non-toxic, and made from highly durable materials.


Conclusion: Based on all the requirements fulfilled couple with the advantages makes RGBIC Strip Lights one of the most cost-effective strip lights in the market. It is highly suitable for transforming gaming areas and party venues. To get the strips, you need to transform your gaming area or party venue and set the perfect mood, visit Govee RGBIC LED strip lights.