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About GoveeLife

At GoveeLife, we are committed to offering effortless life experiences through our innovative smart home appliances. Launched in 2023 and operated as an independent brand from Govee, GoveeLife aims to simplify life by making smart living accessible to everyone, allowing users to enhance their lifestyle with the ease and functionality of advanced smart appliances. From energy-efficient climate control to kitchen appliances, GoveeLife's smart appliances are designed to increase convenience, optimize efficiency, and improve quality of life.

Development of GoveeLife

Since 2017, Govee has been committed to making life smarter, especially in ambient light and home appliances. As our mission expands to create better living environments, we decided to establish GoveeLife focused on smart home lineup. Through GoveeLife you'll discover products perfect for your better living.
About GoveeLife

Making Life Smarter

At GoveeLife, we are committed to Govee's mission of “Making Life Smarter.” Creating the ideal smart home is our top priority. We know that homes should not only look great, but also feel and work great.
GoveeLife is our answer to promoting the intelligence and impact that small home appliances can have on our daily lives. Our smart appliances are designed for smart operation and seamless connectivity. This means appliances that are used for smart operation, built for robustness, and designed for seamless connection.
Making Life Smarter
Brand Values


With our wide range of smart home technologies, GoveeLife products will become an essential part of your everyday routine.


We are committed to making high-quality home products designed with safety in mind to protect you and your family.


To satisfy the needs of our customers, we are consistently creating innovations to make home living safer and convenient.
Goveelife App/Voice Control
App/Voice Control
Powered by your voice
Goveelife AutoReflect™️
More automatic and precise temperatures
Goveelife Sensor Connectivity
Sensor Connectivity
Effortless home automation for your devices
Goveelife Smart Control for Kitchens
Smart Control for Kitchens
An easier way to cook
Goveelife Portfolio
Goveelife Portfolio
Goveelife Portfolio
Our Technology
Goveelife DistriGate
Goveelife AutoReflect
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