RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights Buyer’s Guide

May 13, 2020
RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights Buyer’s Guide | Govee

The RGBIC strip light is a trademark registered by Govee and features a leading-edge IC (Independent Control) chip that enables the display of multiple colors on one strip light simultaneously. It was designed to transform your living space with a vibrant light that reflects the mood or adds aesthetic and sophistication. Whether you seek to transform your room for gaming, party, or a date, RGBIC strip lights can help you set the desired mood instantly. Also, you can use RGBIC strip lights to create a warm and cozy feeling in your room or the entire house. Regardless of the mood, ambiance, sophistication, or aesthetics that you are seeking, RGBIC strip lights were designed to cater to your lighting needs.


What do you get when you Purchase RGBIC Strip Lights?

We’ve all experienced the frustration of purchasing an average product only to be shocked to find that you are required to purchase some of the core components for functionality separately. You can avoid this frustration by insisting on RGBIC strip lights. So, what do you get inside the box? For starters, you get a roll of RGBIC (H6143) strip that is 16.4 ft. (5 meters) long. It is white, beautifully designed, and wrapped securely in a circular anti-static roll package to protect the LEDs and the IC chip from damage. The length is ideal for lighting your gaming area, in-house party venue, or any other room. Also, the strip is segmented, making it suitable for DIY decorations like Christmas tree.

A user-friendly control box is also included in the package to offer you an easy and effective way to customize the colors emitted to your liking. The control box is designed intuitively with three simple and perfectly positioned ON/OFF, SEGMENT CONTROL, and BRIGHTNESS buttons. The package also includes an energy-efficient L-shaped power adapter made from strong and non-toxic material to guarantee durability. The adapter is attached to a perfectly long extension cable and a jack-pin to be connected to the strip. Govee designed RGBIC strip lights with remote control functionality to offer you a more flexible control option for regulating the color and brightness of each segment.   


How to Setup RGBIC Strip Lights

One of the biggest advantages of choosing RGBIC strips over the others is the ease in installation. Unlike other light strips, Govee designed RGBIC with only two connection points, which in turn reduced the steps during setup to two. After unpacking the box, you just connect the adapter to the appropriate end and the control box on the other end. In the second step, you remove the seal on the adhesive tape and stick your strip onto the surface you seek to illuminate then connect simply insert the adapter to the socket and power on the strip. With these two simple steps, you can enjoy the transformation of your room by vibrant lighting.


What Makes RGBIC Strip Lights Unique from the Rest?

It is undeniable that there are so many RGB strip lights in the market. So, what makes RGBIC strip lights different from the others?


  • Advanced Built-in IC Chip: The main difference between RGBIC strip light and the ordinary RGB products is the cutting-edge built-in IC (Independent Control) chip designed by Govee and implemented in RGBIC strips. This technologically advanced chip enables RGBIC strip lights to display multiple colors on the same line compared to RGB strips that only display a single color on a line.


  • Ultra-Bright LEDs: When it comes to creating vibrant colors, the best strip uses the brightest LEDs in the market. RGBIC strip lights use ultra-bright 5050 LEDs and produce a much more vibrant multi-colors compared to the ordinarily bright LEDs used in RGB strips.


  • Segmented Control: One of the biggest benefits of the built-in IC chip implemented in RGBIC strip lights is the unrivaled level of control it provides to you as the user. These advanced IC chips are implemented on the strip at specific intervals to create segments and offer you control over the LEDs in each segment. With this control, you can create the perfect color to address your needs as well as the brightness for every segment. On the other hand, RGB products allow you to control the entire strip only from end to end.


  • Music Mode: We all love to accompany our music with some vibrant colors to enhance the experience. Even though RGB strips can respond to music, they are only sensitive for strong and hard-beating music. In comparison, RGBIC strips are designed impeccably with ultra-sensitive mic that enables the strip to sync with any type of music regardless of the tempo and beats. Most importantly, Govee Home App offers four music modes; Energetic, Rhythm, Rolling, and Spectrum. After downloading the app from the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices), open and tap the "+" icon in the top right corner and follow on-screen instructions to add the strip. Using the app, you can set the gaming or party mode you desire instantly.


  • Lighting Effect: The fact that light is consumed visually means that additional animations are required to enhance effectiveness and experience. RGBIC strip lights are designed with more animated lighting effects compared to the basic effects used in RGB products.


These five core elements make RGBIC strip lights superior to RGB products by a wide margin. 


Where and how do you use RGBIC Strip Lights?

RGBIC strips were designed to help gamers to set the perfect gaming mood. When your friends come over to watch a game or play video games, you can use RGBIC Strip Light to transform the gaming area to enhance the experience. The best thing about RGBIC strips is that you don’t need a professional to install them. Once you remove the seal, stick your strip behind the TV or the cabinet or table where the TV is placed. The strip should be placed with the LEDs facing away from the TV to the wall or the space behind the TV with vibrant colors. By customizing the color emitted by the strip, you can set a perfect mood for you and the boys to watch or play. Govee Home App allows you to set the color and brightness comfortably from your seat. If you are watching the game, you don't have to miss the score only because you were busy changing the colors and brightness on the other side of the room.    


The fact that lighting is an important component of any party or event makes this strip light a much-have. If you’re throwing a party, you can also use RGBIC strip lights to transform the room designated as the venue of your party. RGBIC's ultra-sensitive mic allows syncing the music and lights to create an atmosphere very similar to a club or dancing floor. Using the Govee Home App, you can choose the perfect for the party by selecting either energetic, rhythm, rolling, or spectrum mode. Govee Home App allows you to be as creative as you want with your party lights. The rhythm mode has been upgraded to two sub-modes, Dynamic and Mild. The dynamic option is suitable if you are hosting a rock and roll night party. On the other hand, you can use the mild option when playing soft and mellow music on the piano or sound system for your guests. The vibrant colors emitted in sync with the music will define the mood and theme of your party perfectly.


Apart from gaming and partying, RGBIC Strip Lights can be used as a wakeup alarm by setting a timer on the app for the strip to turn on in the morning and wake you up with vibrant colors and a smile. When confronted with a dull orange glow, your eyelids will get heavy and begin to doze off. You can set your RGBIC to emit a dull orange glow for bedtime and gently lull you to sleep. If you are always late to class, you can use the app to set a reminder for the strip to change to danger red and alert you when it is time to leave for class. You can also use RGBIC strips for DIY decorations.


For a highly advanced experience, sophistication, aesthetics, ambiance, and vibrant colors, insist on RGBIC strip lights. Refuse to be Average! Visit Govee RGBIC LED strip lights.