Govee Redefines Gaming Ambiance with the Launch of its First Color-Matching Gaming Light Strip for PCs
Govee Redefines Gaming Ambiance with the Launch of its First Color-Matching Gaming Light Strip for PCs

HONG KONG, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Govee, an innovator in the smart lighting and smart home industry, today announced its first-ever PC color-matching light strip, the Gaming Light Strip G1. This solution was created for gamers who crave full immersion into their gameplay. Using Govee's proprietary PC color-matching VibraMatch technology, G1 captures and mirrors on-screen color transitions for both a vibrant and interactive gaming experience. With over 100 preset lighting effects and compatibility with the wider Govee ecosystem, G1 is set to redefine gaming ambiance.

VibraMatch™: Govee's New Software Color-matching Technology

Govee is a pioneer in color-matching technology – from proprietary solutions such as CogniGlow which uses an AI algorithm paired with HDMI connectivity, to Envisiual which uses a camera for real-time visual effects. With the G1, Govee is setting a higher bar for software color-matching technology and transforming how video games are experienced within the gaming community. Govee's VibraMatch™ technology provides vibrant colors through a combination of precise pixel reading, detailed analysis, and optimized 50FPS processing. It uses a unique ten-area screen division technology for accurate color capture, ensuring meticulous pixel point reading within each area and calculation of average RGB values.

For 4K (3840x2160) screens, the G1 is capable of capturing nearly 970,000 pixel points per area. Additionally, the technology intelligently divides and filters RGB values, emphasizing essential colors while excluding irrelevant hues. This rich, engaging color reproduction capability is what differentiates the G1 from other solutions available.

New PC Desktop DreamView

At the core of this innovation is Govee Desktop DreamView, designed to offer users seamless lighting synchronization and captivating effects. Users can connect the effects of lighting across up to 10 Govee devices with just a single click. The effects combined with a simplified setup process create the ultimate atmosphere for users.

Bright and Immersive Experience

The Govee Gaming Light Strip G1 delivers 360° four-sided color-matching. This feature guarantees comprehensive and complete capture of on-screen color changes. The Govee Gaming Light Strip G1 is also equipped with high-density LED light beads with 60 beads per meter and only a 0.67-inch gap between each bead. This allows for greater brightness and an evenly distributed light output for smooth and seamless effects.

More Than 100 Scene Modes

The Govee Gaming Light Strip G1 offers more than 100 preset modes, allowing users to choose the lighting effects for different scenes and moods. This delivers a more diverse and dynamic lighting experience.

Multiple Ecosystem Adaptations

The Gaming Light Strip G1 integrates smoothly with well-known platforms like Razer Chroma, Google Home, and Alexa. Control basic actions of the lights using only your voice via smart voice assistant.

Pricing and Availability

The Govee Gaming Light Strip G1 (24-26 inches) retails at $59.99 USD and the Govee Gaming Light Strip G1 (27-34 inches) retails at $69.99 USD. The product will be available in the US, UK, and EU markets on July 10, 2023, via Amazon and the Govee website.

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