Govee AI -CogniGlow™
CogniGlow™ is an AI intelligent algorithm developed by Govee. It has an industry-leading AI information recognition function and introduces deep learning into the ambient lighting industry. The algorithm aims to provide users with a more intelligent and immersive next-level experience.
High Information
Recognition Speed
Protected User
Data Privacy
Govee's Powerful AI Algorithm CogniGlow™
High Information
Recognition Speed
Deliver up to 60FPS frames per second when using a 4K screen and process millions of images, text and audio information of auto and video entertainment scenes to inform its recognition.
CogniGlow™ - Gaming
Learns through the data of over 100,000+ gaming contents by analyzing characteristics of colors, texts, and other information to give users a corresponding lighting effects. When HDMI is connected, CogniGlow-Gaming intelligently collects the displayed image to analyze in real-time, using the algorithm to recognize and further convert it into a lighting signal.
CogniGlow™ -Music
Simulates the human listening environment, trains the eigenvalues of the music database to embed to firmware and develop Govee featured lighting effects. The algorithm categorizes twelve mainstream music genres through the AI algorithm, such as Blues, Classical, HipHop, etc. Govee-AI CogniGlow™ can identify the genre in real-time and match it with corresponding lighting effects.
Govee Debuts the First AI Hardware in Smart
Lighting Industry

Powerful AI Chip
Govee AI products use high computing power and a low consumption AI SoC chip. With INT4 14.4TOPs computing power (14.4 trillion calculations per second)
Low-Latency Synchronization
Gamers receive immediate responses and near-zero latency
Protected User Data Privacy
By using the end-side on-device computing algorithm, Govee AI products do not need to transfer data to the cloud, but instead, directly transmit back locally in real time.