Ceiling Lights

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Instantly transform your surroundings with elegant and energy-efficient LED ceiling lights, for perfect illumination no matter the mood or occasion.

Picture of Govee 6 Inch Smart RGBWW Recessed Lights 4 Pack
Picture of Govee 6 Inch Smart RGBWW Recessed Lights 4 Pack

Govee 6 Inch Smart RGBWW Recessed Lights 4 Pack

Default Title
$30 Off
Picture of Govee 4 Inch Smart Recessed Lighting
Picture of Govee 4 Inch Smart Recessed Lighting

Govee 4 Inch Smart Recessed Lighting

4 Pack
$25 Off
Picture of Govee Smart Retrofit Recessed Lights
Picture of Govee Smart Retrofit Recessed Lights

Govee Smart Retrofit Recessed Lights

4 Inch / 4 Pack
$20 Off

Celebrate and Party in Style with Govee Ceiling Lights

Set the tone for an unforgettable celebration with the dazzling brilliance of recessed ceiling lighting. Govee's family of ceiling lights are ideal for creating an exhilarating ambience that will amaze your guests and excite the soul. With stunning colors and dynamic effects and patterns that can be customized to match the tone of the music, instantly turn any space into a party dance hall. Let Govee ceiling lights be your starter button to creating amazing moments with all your family and friends.

What is ceiling light?

Ceiling lights are a category of light fixtures mounted on the ceiling of a room. As a main source of illumination, ceiling lights come in a multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes, and are crucial for establishing a warm, practical, aesthetically-pleasing, and stylish modern ambiance. Common ceiling light types include chandeliers, pendant lights, flush mount lights, and recessed lights (also known as ceiling can lights). They often fulfill different functions, such as chandeliers often used as decorative focal points, while recessed lights provide subtle illumination without drawing attention to the light source itself.

How to remove ceiling lights?

Removing a ceiling light fixture can give any room a fresh new look in no time. Follow these simple steps below so the process is smoother. Gather your tools: You should use safety glasses, a circuit tester, a screwdriver, and a step stool or ladder. Turn off the power: It's safest to turn off power to the entire house before removing the light fixture. Remove the bulbs and any coverings: First, if there is a covering over the ceiling light, remove it. Once the covering is off, unscrew and remove the bulb(s) inside. Unscrew the plate on the ceiling mounting bracket: Remove the screws securing the plate to the bracket by twisting the base of the light to free it from the screws and the bracket. You may also need to unscrew any threaded posts. Disconnect the wiring: Use a circuit tester to ensure there is no current in the wires. Remember, black wires are hot, and white wires are neutral.

How to install ceiling lights?

Prepare the necessary tools: screwdrivers, wire strippers, electrical tape, and wires. Disconnect the power: Turn off the main switch in the house to ensure safety. Start Wiring: Find the neutral and live wires. The neutral wire will be white, and the live wire will be black. Strip off a small section of the wire’s insulation, then connect the ceiling light's wires to the home's wires and wrap the joint with insulating tape. Remember to connect the neutral wire to neutral, and live wire to live. Attach the light fixture: Switch the electricity on and check if everything functions as it should. If so, turn off the electricity and fix the mounted ceiling light to the ceiling.

Which types of ceiling lights work best in the bedroom?

Task, ambient, and accent lighting should be layered for optimal bedroom lighting. Task lighting is ideal for activities such as reading, and is similar in function to directional wall lights. Dimmer switches and colored lightbulbs are used to create ambient lighting, which creates mood and atmosphere. Accent lighting draws attention to elements such as artwork. Pendants and recessed spotlights are examples of ceiling lighting. Wall lights improve symmetry and lessen clutter, especially directing downlights. Bedside lamps with shades encourage relaxation, while LED strip lights provide both ambiance and functionality. Lastly, fairy lights and similar string lighting can add a charming touch.