Refurbished Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit




Model: H6602

Transform your gaming experience with the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box. These RGBIC gaming lights have customizable AI lighting effects and are compatible with popular titles such as Apex Legends.

  • Responsive to Specific Game Actions: Displays specialized gaming lighting effects
  • 99% Accuracy: Smart light strips reflect in-game colors and movements
  • Customize AI Gaming Lighting: Personalize each AI gaming light effect
  • Govee DreamView 360° Syncing: Match lighting with other Govee lights
  • Multi-Device Support: Connect 3 devices with these LED gaming lights
  • 4K Resolution Support: Govee HDMI gaming lights support HDR10+

Model: H6601

Experience battlestation lighting like never before, with an AI chip & sophisticated algorithm that recognize your in-game actions in real time and trigger situationally-aware lighting effects on the integrated RGBIC backlight and light bars. In addition, enjoy fast & accurate color matching for all your gaming, movie, and entertainment content.

  • In-Game Actions Trigger AI Light Effects
  • DIY Mode for Creating Unique Effects
  • 99% Accurate Color Matching
  • 240HZ @1080P, Supports Dolby vision, HRD 10+, 4K
  • Connect Up to 3 HDMI 2.0 Devices
  • No Extra Hub or Bridge Required
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    Refurbished Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit


    New-in-Industry AI-Powered Lighting Not just color matching

    Why Choose AI Gaming Sync Box Kit

    Govee AI Algorithm

    Developed in-house, our CogniGLow™ algorithm analyzes and processes over 100,000 images for each compatible game title, enabling near-zero lag real-time recognition of in-game actions & events, such as character selection, item use, and boss kills, giving gamers a whole new advanced & immersive lighting experience. AI effects are currently compatible with Apex Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, and League of Legends, with more titles coming soon.

    360° Govee DreamView Syncing

    With Govee's own "DreamView" IoT-based smart syncing system, create the ultimate immersive space as your AI Gaming Sync Box lighting is mirrored across all your other Govee devices. Experience the amazing colors and action-packed movement of your favorite games and content in a 360° environment, with your wall lights, strip lights, panels, lamps, and bulbs all syncing with your on-screen content in real time.
    99% Color Matching Accuracy
    Whether you're playing games, watching movies, or diving into any of your other favorite content, experience reactive lighting that's always super-accurate and unaffected by your room's ambient light. A color-matching system based on 12*6 color separation sections of the screen ensures every epic moment is felt and seen.
    High 240Hz Refresh Rate Compatibility
    AI Gaming Sync Box is the world's first 240Hz-compatible HDMI sync box system, allowing for amazing near-zero-lag reactive lighting while your game runs at silky-smooth framerates at 1080P. It also supports 2K@144Hz and 4K@60Hz, for smooth-as-butter kills, more accurate shooting, and higher combat power.
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    Unbox the strip lights and check all items listed in the packaging list.