Luces al aire libre


    Una experiencia al aire libre vibrante

    Ilumine sus patios traseros, porches, patios o autos con nuestras vívidas luces de cadena, luces para autos o tiras de luces para decorar con facilidad.

    Illuminate Every Night with Outdoor Lights

    Outdoor String Lights & Strip Lights

    Govee's outdoor string and strip lights decorate your house, walls, and patios with colorful, cozy lighting. The app-controlled RGBIC strip lights adhere and display multiple colors. Both are durable, waterproof, and simple to install.

    Uses: Perimeter lights, house lights, wall lights, patio lights, etc.

    Best Sellers: Govee Permanent Outdoor lights Pro, Govee RGBICWW 32.8ft Outdoor LED Strip Lights and Govee Wi-Fi RGBIC Outdoor Strip Lights.

    Outdoor Flood Lights & Spotlights

    Govee's outdoor flood lights and spotlights illuminate gardens, yards, and patios with bright, energy-efficient LEDs. The flood lights provide a wide area of ambient lighting, while the spotlights highlight specific objects or areas. Choose the best lights to meet your unique outdoor lighting needs.

    Uses: Accent lights, ambient lights, entertainment, etc.

    Best Sellers: Govee RGBICWW LED Smart Flood Lights and Govee Outdoor Spotlights

    Outdoor Ground Lights & Pathway Lights

    Govee's outdoor ground lights and pathway lights can illuminate backyards, walkways, and driveways with warm or stylish lighting. The ground lights can uplight trees or accent pathways while the pathway lights line driveways or stairs. Both can be placed around plants, along footpaths, or in other places you prefer.

    Uses: Landscape lights, patio lights, party lights, etc.

    Best Sellers: Govee Outdoor Pathway Lights, Govee RGBIC Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Outdoor Ground Lights