Govee at CES 2022 Day 3

January 8, 2022

That’s a wrap on CES 2022. While it was shortened to 3 days this year, team Govee made quite the impact. We are delighted to hear that our upcoming 3D light panels have generated a lot of buzz online. We were even featured on Digital Trend’s list of Best Smart Lights of CES 2022. Our goal this year was to look for offline retailers. Thanks to the efforts of our North American sales team, we garnered interest from Walmart, Best Buy, Lowes, and others. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see Govee in your favorite stores.

In yesterday’s blog, I talked about our collaboration with Razer. Matt and I took some time to stop by the convention center to visit Razer’s booth. We got a sneak peek at their concept gaming desk called Project Sophia. The premise is to turn your desk into a modular computer with an array of module slots such as a mug heater, temperature readout, dedicated chat and calendar displays, and more. While the actual desk is most likely not going to be a real product, it was cool to see Razer continue to flex their tech muscles with fun concepts such as Sophia.

Other than Razer, we visited a lot of booths. Though tech powerhouses such as Google were not present this year, there was a decent variety of booths with exciting new products coming out. My personal favorites were Samsung’s newest LED TVs that can shift between horizontal and vertical, Liteboxer’s VR workout system, Coway’s smart air mattress, and more. If the current circumstances weren’t in place, I’m sure the show floor would have been a lot more crowded. We spoke with various CES attendees who said that this year’s event was quiet compared to previous years.

On one hand, there definitely weren’t any large crowds due to many booths dropping out. As such, the expo on some parts were pretty empty. On the other hand, this gave us an opportunity to spend more time interacting with visitors at our booth. We met a lot of people who are active members of our community as well as a few influencers. It was a pleasure meeting them in person since it’s something we haven’t done before. That’s an experience we are forever grateful for.

For those who were following CES 2022, were there other companies besides Govee that caught your attention this year? What were your favorite announcements from Govee and/or other companies? We want to give a special shoutout to those who visited our booth, whether you discovered us for the first time or you’re a loyal user in our community. One question we received was this: will Govee come back next year? We can’t confirm or deny a decision, but we’d love to come back. With the way our company has been consistently growing, I wouldn’t doubt that we can make an even bigger impression in 2023. In the meantime, that concludes our CES 2022 blog.

Thank you again for your constant support. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming products within the next few weeks!