Govee Introduces Budget-Friendly Permanent Outdoor Lights, Redefining Market Price and Capabilities in the Industry
Govee Introduces Budget-Friendly Permanent Outdoor Lights, Redefining Market Price and Capabilities in the Industry

Light Up Halloween Night and the Holidays with this Durable, Customizable, and Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting Solution


HONG KONG, Oct. 17, 2022 -- Govee, a global leader in smart lighting and RGBIC technology, today launched the brand's first Permanent Outdoor Lights. Unlike other solutions currently available, the Permanent Outdoor Lights require a simple, one-time installation process, are incredibly durable, and are energy efficient. This leads to lower maintenance costs and a longer life span. This new outdoor lighting solution is also the most affordable on the market. The Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights provide the experience of products that come in at double, triple, and even quadruple the price. Integrated with RGBIC technology and offering 69 customizable lighting modes, these innovative lights do not compromise on quality and are a must-have for outdoor decor.


Bring Holidays and Events to Life with Customizable Lights


Users can breathe new life into their ghostly Halloween decor and other holiday decorations with this permanent outdoor lighting solution featuring a built-in IC (Integrated Circuit) chip. This means a single light string is capable of generating 16 million colors and can also simultaneously display multiple colors on the same strip. Beyond that, each individual light bead features a concave lens and higher watts per bead than anything else on the market. This allows it to provide a 40% greater wall-washing effect over competitive solutions.


These intuitive lights also feature 69 lighting modes, with 10 preset holiday options, nine customizable DIY modes, and six music modes. To further amplify the Halloween vibes for your trick-or-treaters (or for any holiday), users can also experience DreamView mode, which aligns the Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights' effects to other Govee smart lights in your lighting ecosystem.


Seamless Installation Process, Long-lasting Durability, and Energy Efficiency


With Govee's Permanent Outdoor Lights there's no need to call an electrician, eliminating additional fees and installation time. To install, users can simply plug in, and apply the adhesive HVB glue on wood, fiber, cement, metal, or vinyl to hang the lights.


The outdoor lights are also made with anti-UV material, enabling them to  endure temperature fluctuations from -4°F to 140°F. Additionally, as an FTC-certified product with a 50,000 hour lifespan, the Permanent Outdoor Lights have an annual cost of just $8 in energy if used three hours a day (estimated by FTC). This means homeowners can bring colorful custom lights to the exterior of their homes without worrying about running up their electricity bill.


Connectivity and Smart Systems


Like all Govee products, the power of personalization is put into the users' hands through the Govee Home App. Using the timer function on the app, users can easily control when the lights are turned on and off. The solution is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hand-free control.


Availability and Pricing


At just $3-$4 per foot depending on product length (with competitors at $21-$30+ per foot), Govee's solution is the most affordable on the market. The Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights retail at $199 USD (for 50ft) and $299 USD and are now available in the U.S. on and Amazon.


About Govee


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