Product Review: RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights | Govee
Color plays a critical role in influencing our wellbeing mentally. For instance, you will feel automatically more relaxed when you get into your room that is engulfed in cooling green light after a long frustrating day out in the sun. This...
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RGBIC Rainbow Strip Lights Buyer’s Guide | Govee
The RGBIC strip light is a trademark registered by Govee and features a leading-edge IC (Independent Control) chip that enables the display of multiple colors on one strip light simultaneously. It was designed to transform your living space with a vibrant light...
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Govee Smart Hygrometer/Thermometer | Govee
If you live in the deep South in the U.S., high humidity combined with high temperatures often defy description. It can be downright brutal. The net negative can be worse on your instrument than your hair.   Musical instruments are...
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