Transform Your Home Into A Smarthome With These Three Govee Products

January 13, 2020
Transform Your Home Into A Smarthome With These Three Govee Products | Govee

Everyone wants to experience what a smart home can do for them, but many of us don’t have the money to overhaul our existing home with new technology. Luckily there’s a company called Govee that’s been released various smart home products to the market that are affordable, and can improve your quality of life. The reason why I became interested in Govee products is that the company offers a smart home app on the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store, and with this app, you can control all of the smart home devices in one. I originally reviewed the Govee smart home Bluetooth LED strip lights, which are still working great to this day and they look excellent on my TV.


There is a complete line of Govee products, all of which have different uses in the home. From water quality testers to a temperature tester there are multiple ways to monitor everything that’s going on in your home. In this article I’m going to be examining three new Govee products that I think will transform the way that you live, offering a plethora of features that you can control right from the app. Whether you just want ambient lighting in your home, or you want to detect potential leaks before they become a problem the Govee line of products can help you to live the smart home life. Read on below as I check out these stellar products.

Bluetooth Multicolor LED Bulb


The ambiance is something that we all strive for at one point or another in our homes, but you can’t always find that relaxing mixture of lighting and sound without the right bulb. The cheap color-changing bulbs that are available on the market now are generally worthless when you try to use them as an ordinary light. So, finding a bulb that could produce amazing colors and still perform in normal lighting settings was a must. Govee has delivered with the Bluetooth MultiColor LED Bulb, a unique lightbulb that can be controlled via Bluetooth on the Govee Home App. Where do we get started? The Bluetooth MultiColor LED Bulb has a multitude of spectacular colors that you can choose from, all of which also have a brightness setting as well.

The lightbulb can be set to several different options, for instance, you can set it to warm light for reading and white light for a brighter interior light. There is a menu in the app where you pick different scenes, so let’s say you want to set the mood for romance, the bulb will set the lighting in the room accordingly. There is also an option for the dream light, which is a color-changing light option that looks pretty cool. Another unique feature with the Bluetooth MultiColor LED Bulb is the fact that it can respond to music, which means that this is also a great light for a birthday party or other event. The light is rated at 20,000 hours of life, which means that this little bulb will be around for some time.


If you are new to Govee products there is a Back To School Deal on the Govee Home app, from 26th Aug. to 9th Sept. You’ll be able to save a whopping 30% off on related products, which means that you can get your home ready for the school season.


Bluetooth Thermo-Hygrometer Lite

Summertime can be a dangerous time, where the temperature outside can get to deadly levels and the humidity can make it feel hotter than it is. Most weather apps that you can get on your phone rely on external information to give you an accurate reading, so you aren’t always getting the correct information for your specific location. Govee has found a solution to this problem with the Bluetooth Thermo-Hygrometer Lite, a unique little Bluetooth device that will give you accurate temperature readings from right where you are. I’ve been using this nifty little device for a week and I have been thoroughly impressed with it, the overall design is top-notch and the quality is above average for such a little device.


The battery life on the Bluetooth Thermo-Hygrometer Lite is amazing, at 360 days on a single battery. The Govee Smart Home App allows you to export your temperature data to your email, which is a great way to compile information about the weather in a certain period. The Bluetooth Thermo-Hygrometer Lite provides a very accurate reading of the current temperature and humidity. I have tried the unit both inside and outside and it works great, giving an accurate reading from the first time that I turned it on. If you have a temperature-controlled room and you need to make sure that the humidity is correct, the Bluetooth Thermo-Hygrometer Lite is a must-have item and it’s affordable too. The Back To School Deal on the Govee Home app, from 26th Aug. to 9th Sept is an excellent way to snatch one of these up.


Water Leak Detector & Wi-Fi Smart Gateway

No doubt being a homeowner is a stressful experience, and when you are experiencing leaks and other issues in your home there is going to be no end to the stress. But, Govee wants to help you with this and they have released their Water Leak Detector to do this. Water leaks can cause damage, and when you are at work or school you might not be able to stop these leaks in time. The Water Leak Detector works without wi-fi to alert you to a possible leak with a 100 DB alarm, which means that you’ll hear it just about anywhere. If you are still new to this you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to use, and the product manages to show a spectacular amount of information on the Govee Home App.



The waterproof design means that you won’t have to worry about the unit being damaged, and there are water detectors on the front and the back of the unit to ensure leak detection. The Wi-Fi Smart Gateway allows you to connect your Water Leak Detector to the Govee Home App and monitor for leaks from anywhere in your home. You can even set a leak detector for each room and watch to see if any of the rooms leaks, this is pretty advanced information and the app is very easy to understand and use. The Water Leak Detector & Wi-Fi Smart Gateway could potentially save you thousands from potential water damage, and with the Back To School Deal on the Govee Home app, from 26th Aug. to 9th Sept you can snatch one of these up at a great price.


Final Word

Govee is a company that’s innovating in the smart home industry, and with these three products, you can enhance your home tremendously for very little money. The Back To School Deal on the Govee Home app, from 26th Aug. to 9th Sept is going to be a stellar event where you can experience some real savings on a line of excellent smart home products. If you have been wanting to enhance your home with ambient lighting or even experience some of the features that you would in a smart home you can’t go wrong with the Govee line of products.