2-Pack Of Govee Smart Bulbs With 16 Million Colors Discounted To A Measly $14.99, Works Over WiFi

January 13, 2020
2-Pack Of Govee Smart Bulbs With 16 Million Colors Discounted To A Measly $14.99, Works Over WiFi | Govee

Amazon is currently offering a pack of Govee WiFi-based Smart Light Bulbs with color-changing capabilities for just $14. This pack usually sells for $22.99, which makes it a deal definitely worth investigating and find a place for these bulbs to fit into your life.

It isn’t a coincidence that more and more people are starting to embrace technology as you will see in this deal. Once upon a time, it would have cost a fortune to bring intelligent lighting into a property but with the growth of home automation hardware, that price has dropped hugely.

So, what exactly are you going to be getting with this pack of bulbs?

  • Limitless color options are available at the touch of a button. These bulbs can flick between 16 million different color combinations to create the perfect environment to suit your ever-changing needs
  • An accompanying mobile smartphone application designed to let you control the bulbs with minimal fuss and maximum power and efficiency. Available for iOS and Android
  • Voice activation capabilities thanks to tie-ins with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This will require additional compatible hardware but makes controlling the bulbs via voice extremely easy
  • A simple installation procedure. If you have ever put a lightbulb in your property, then you already know how to install these Govee bulbs

One of the great things about these bulbs is that no additional hardware is required. Other, so-called “premium” options, require a separate hub or bridge to make the hardware usable over the internet. These bulbs are entirely WiFi in nature and can connect to an existing wireless network without any additional equipment needed.


This is definitely one of those products that you should be bringing into your life. The bulbs are absolutely perfect for an ever-expanding smart home and will bring a splash of color and ambiance into any room that they are installed in. Grab the deal right now using the provided discount code to ensure that you lock-in the maximum savings possible.