Govee at CES 2022 Day 2

Govee at CES 2022 Day 2

Welcome back, Govee community!

With Day 2 coming and going, we were hard at work to make sure everything was ready for Matt’s IG livestream from our booth. My job was to do a quick sound check on Matt’s audio by standing several feet away. I used my Razer Kraken X Headphones to listen in from my phone. Once we confirmed that the audio was working fine, it was time to review our scripts before showtime.  

For those who missed it, I’ll give you a brief summary on the announcements we revealed during the livestream.

The first new product we announced was a brand new set of 3D light panels, which we showcased in our living room section. These panels are similar to our current light panels, except the focus is on the exciting 3D effects. Several visitors stopped by our booth to take pictures and video to post on their social media and write in their latest articles. The buzz is growing and we couldn’t be more excited to release this product in the early summer. The name, release date, and price information has not been announced yet, as they are still in the development stage.

After that, I made an appearance on the stream for a few moments to discuss all things gaming. Several members of the Govee staff (myself included) are active gamers, so we couldn’t wait to tease the next upcoming product in our booth. Before making the big reveal, it was great to ask our audience about upcoming titles they’re looking forward to. Many users reported they were waiting for the release of Elden Ring, which is a collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki, notable for popular titles such as the Souls series, Bloodbourne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and George R.R. Martin, famed writer of the A Song of Fire and Ice novels.

Now, it was time to reveal the product that is sure to make every PC gamer happy. We are going to be releasing a brand new camera, TV backlights, and light bar kit for PC monitors. While we don’t have official photos of the product yet, CES attendees and our viewers on IG Live got a sneak preview of the product with overwhelmingly positive reception. The new gaming kit is expected to arrive in a few months. The name, release date, and price information has not been announced yet.

In addition to a new gaming kit, Govee is going to be collaborating with one of the world’s largest gaming brands, Razer. Specifically, we will be involved in a new development related to Razer’s RGB Chroma. We are delighted on securing this partnership and look forward to sharing more details in the near future.

Finally, we had one more major product announcement. For those who wanted an out-of-this-world lighting experience, we were excited to announce a galaxy projector light. There are no official photos at the moment, but I’m sure many people were over the moon to see this product. The projector light is expected to arrive in a few months. The name, release date, and price information has not been announced yet.

Which product are you most excited for? We hope to share more information in a few weeks. We want to thank everyone for making this stream a big success. January 7th is our final day at CES, but we are pleased with the buzz we created on our company, our products, and more.

Stay tuned for the final update.