Govee at CES 2022 Day 1

January 7, 2022

Welcome back, Govee friends!

We are back with another daily update on everything that’s happened during CES 2022. Due to time constraints, there wasn’t enough time for me to sit down and write a full update for yesterday. Instead, I’ll give you a brief summary on what we did. Matt and I arrived at the Venetian (Formerly Sands) Expo yesterday afternoon to get our first look at our booth. We were located in the smart home section alongside companies big and small that were as passionate about their technology as we are. To say we were humbled to be a part of such a global event is an understatement. 

For some of our team, we hadn’t visited Vegas in years. I hadn’t visited since 2009, but I distinctly remember the Grand Canale Shops in the Venetian with gorgeous ceilings painted like clear blue skies. The only thing that was missing was “Phantom of the Opera,” which was playing the last time I was there. Instead, another performer has taken its place. On a more positive note, it was great to return while introducing Govee to our biggest audience yet. That’s what kept us motivated during setup, despite a few minor issues along the way. By the time the show floor was open, everything fell perfectly into place.

Now came the first day of CES 2022. The doors opened at 10am sharp and our booth has been decked out with our most popular Govee lights and home appliances. The theme for our booth was to give the attendees a feel of a colorful smart home unlike any other. We have a living room section, a bedroom/gaming room section, and a small outdoor section to feature our products.

Our team received a wide range of visitors including influencers, tech reviewers, distributors, buyers, and other passionate industry people. We even had individuals from other booths stop by to check out our mesmerizing products.

What made every interaction extra special was hearing that people were either familiar with our products or already owned a few in their homes. Some admitted to purchasing lights for their children, grandchildren, or work colleagues. Some also admitted they heard about us through family and friends. We are aware that many of our community members recommend us to others. It truly brightened our day (pun intended) to know that our brand is becoming more familiar around the world.

Tomorrow is definitely going to be an exciting day. We hope you are ready to get a closer look at our booth and preview three (yes, you read that correctly) new products that we’ll be releasing within the next few months. Set your alarms so you can watch the stream on Govee’s official Instagram page at 2:30pm EST/11:30am PST. Matt will be giving you the grand tour from the comfort of your homes and answer some questions in between.

We’ll see you then and thank you once again for all your support during CES 2022.